Saints Row 4 producer: overcoming THQ 'distraction,' and embracing its 'juvenile tone'

Saints Row 4 was arguably the biggest game in THQ's lineup--before it collapsed. Now in the hands of Deep Silver, Volition senior producer Jim Boon talks about how the transition has (and hasn't) affected development of the super-powered open-world sequel.

"It's fair to say there was a lot of distraction waiting to learn the results of the auction that was ultimately conducted to deal with THQ's bankruptcy," Boon said, saying that development on the game was "full speed ahead" during the transition. However, Boon says that the confusion was "short lived," with Deep Silver working "quickly" on the transition.

"I'm happy to say that Deep Silver gets our special brand of craziness with SR4, and they have not asked for a single change to the game," he told OXM. "So, while this was a fairly crazy process to go through, in the end it really did not have a significant effect on SR4."

The zany antics of The Third helped find Saints Row a unique voice and audience. And Saints Row 4 is looking to be even kookier than its predecessor. However, Boon says that Volition isn't doing "crazy just for the sake of being over the top." However, fans tell the studio how much "they love our juvenile tone--with some asking us to go even further."

Of course, where do you go after weaponized dildos? Boon says that the team is up to the challenge of finding new ways of shocking fans. "I wouldn't say it feels like pressure to keep upping the crazy. If anything it is liberating to be able to come up with any idea we think gamers will enjoy with no restrictions. Ultimately the pressure comes from trying to keep things fun."