Petroglyph concedes defeat in Victory Kickstarter

After a woefully slow start, Petroglyph Games has cancelled its crowdfunding drive for Victory. The studio founded by Westwood veterans was looking for $700,000 to make the free-to-play game it described as what you'd get "if World of Tanks, StarCraft and League of Legends had a baby," but after ten days only had $29,471 in pledges.

"We've listened carefully to what the Kickstarter community has said, and it has given us many ideas of games we could do in the future," Petroglyph said in the announcement.

Though the Kickstarter campaign failed, this may not be the last we hear of Victory.

"Additionally, multiple game publishers have expressed interest in Victory, based on your support, and we hope to still bring Victory to you with their help."

This failure is another nasty blow for Petroglyph. It had been working on free-to-play RTS End of Nations but things weren't up to scratch and ultimately published Trion Worlds took over development. After this, Petroglyph had to lay off some of its staff.

Here's a Victory gameplay walkthrough made for the Kickstarter: