Petroglyph done with End of Nations, 19 let go

Now that Trion Worlds has taken over development of End of Nations, Petroglyph Studios is moving on to other projects, confirming that 19 people have been let go as a result of the end of its involvement with the free-to-play MMORTS.

Petroglyph said in a statement to Shacknews that it "has concluded its work as developer on End of Nations for publisher Trion Worlds. As a result, Petroglyph has reduced its workforce by 19 employees." But to remove any doubt that the studio is in trouble, it announced that more than 90 people are still working on other projects "across different genres and platforms, both internally and externally funded, with releases planned through 2014." One such project is its upcoming MOBA, Battle for Graxia.

End of Nations had its open beta indefinitely delayed at the end of last month, and rumors surfaced that the developer had laid off up to 30 employees. Trion took the MMO over to create "a more polished game."