Dirty Bomb debut gameplay trailer escapes London Bridge

Splash Damage today released the first gameplay trailer for its new FPS Dirty Bomb and, as you might expect, it does look an awful lot like the class-based, objective-driven antics of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Brink. While Dirty Bomb will be free-to-play at launch, you can slap down some cash now to guarantee you'll get to play it during closed testing.

The gameplay footage from Dirty Bomb's London Bridge map shows escorting vehicles, building and detonating barriers, class skills, and shooting, shooting, shooting--Splash Damage hallmarks.

"Dirty Bomb must provide a balanced playing field and a fair contest, challenging players, against or alongside real people. Players should only succeed by competing in battles where skill and tactics alone determine the winners, be it as an individual, group of friends, or team," Splash Damage said in an accompanying blog post. "Players should always understand why they won or lost, or by being part of a social community that shares knowledge, continually learn from other player's skills, and achieve status and recognition for their own credible successes and contributions."

You can sign up for Dirty Bomb's beta test, but you'll improve your chances with money. Ponying up at least $30 gets you guaranteed access at least a month before launch and a chance to get into alpha testing, along with one unique founder skin. Perks escalate in tiers all the way up to $320, which also gets you a hoodie, beanie, signed poster, t-shirt, a signed design document, your name in the credits, and loads more. You know, for if you adore Splash Damage's gets so much and find this trailer really that exciting:

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