Splash Damage announces new FPS, Dirty Bomb

After a short teaser campaign, Splash Damage has revealed its new PC multiplayer FPS. The lovely chaps behind Brink and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory are returning to their home turf with Dirty Bomb, with a teaser trailer showing firefights on the streets near London Bridge. It's why taxis never go south of the river, you know.

All Splash Damage will state in writing is that Dirty Bomb's a multiplayer shooter for PC. That's all. Well, we can judge from the trailer that it boasts some sort of objectives, deduce it's set in the aftermath of some manner of nuclear attack, and plainly see it features at least one level set in the fine city of London. Fingers crossed it's all in The Smoke, as this green and pleasant land is sadly ignored by video games. You know where you can stick your Big Apple.

Dirty Bomb will be published through the WarChest label Splash Damage set up for free-to-play games, so it's a fair bet it'll be F2P. WarChest's first game revealed was the mobile turn-based tactical RAD Soldiers and it's brewing something for consoles too.

Hit the official Dirty Bomb site to reserve your account name, and peep this trailer:

BOOM video 14293