Molyneux's Curiosity coming November 7

It has taken a bit longer than initially planned, but beta testing is complete on the cube-tapping, social experiment game Curiosity. The first project from Peter Molyneux's 22Cans will be coming on November 7.

"Curiosity - what’s inside the cube is READY. It has been approved by Apple, and we have finished and tested the Android version," the company's official Facebook page said. The launch will be at 22 minutes after midnight Pacific time in obvious deference to the name of the company.

Players will attempt to chip away parts of the massive cube to find out what's inside, with players being able to purchase larger tools to chip away larger chunks. Only one person will get to the surprise in the center.

The next project from 22Cans will be Cooperation, an effort that Molyneux says will be "the biggest cooperative effort the world has ever known."