Peter Molyneux's Curiosity due in September

Imagine, if you can, that a Peter Molyneux game has been delayed. Ha ha! Oh, how we joke! But Curiosity, the first of his strange experiments at new setup 22Cans, really was delayed and is now due in September. I don't mind, though; I needed a little longer to save up for the $80,000 in-game chisel anyway.

Curiosity will have every single player in the world tapping away at the same gigantic black cube made of squillions of tiny cubes, each touch removing one single cube. Or more, if they pay to unlock more powerful chisels, going all the way from a buck for an iron chisel up to that mega-expensive diamond chisel. But what lies at the heart of the cube? That's the big question, and only the player who chips away the final cube will ever see it. Molyneux insists that it's "life-changing," so that surely won't be disappointing.

22Cans is curious about how people will work together to achieve this goal, and how the big secret will be shared. And, one imagines, if anyone will buy that absurd chisel.

Curiosity was originally supposed to launch somewhere around the middle of July, but clearly missed that. A new teaser trailer released today pegs it for September.

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