Tera merging its 11 servers into 3

As is the case with many subscription-based MMOs nowadays, Tera seems to be in a spot of trouble. Only a few weeks after layoffs at developer Bluehole's publishing subsidiary En Masse Entertainment comes word that it's merging the fantasy MMORPG's 11 North American servers into a mere 3 only four months after launch, to get rid of that unpleasant empty feeling.

"We've got several metrics to measure server activity—and many of ours are below the mark," producer Chris Hager explained. "We've also been listening to the issues our players have been having in the game: lack of resources, lack of groups, extended wait times for dungeons, and so on. We feel that the best way to address these problems is to increase the number of simultaneous players on our servers."

Tera currently has 6 PvE servers, 4 PvP and 1 PvE roleplaying. When the dust settles on September 18, only 1 PvE, 1 PvP, and 1 roleplaying server will remain. An FAQ details the specifics, like what happens if you have too many characters, or names clash, and the like.

"By combining our servers, we facilitate a more unified community and give players a more full, alive world where finding groups, locating rare items (for lower prices!), and getting into dungeons quickly are the norm," Hager said.

Things haven't gone well for the last few high-profile, high-budget, subscription-supported MMORPGs. DC Universe Online went free-to-play within ten months; Star Wars: The Old Republic is axing subscription fees after less than a year; and The Secret World is soldiering on after a disappointing launch.