DC Universe Online to go free-to-play on November 1

Today, during the DC Universe Online developer "live-cast," Sony Online Entertainment revealed that its super-powered MMO will go free-to-play on November 1.

SOE revealed in September that DC Universe Online would shift to a free-to-play model at some point this year. Since then, multiple updates have added content to the game. Users with "Legendary" memberships--priced at the game's normal $14.99 rate--will gain free access to updates.

Most recently, DCUO has added new features and abilities, such as powers based on the Green Lantern Corps. Additional Superman 'Fortress of Solitude' was released earlier this month.

DCUO is available in three flavors now: Legendary, Premium ($5 a month with some limitations), and Free (with more limitations.) Limitations include character slots, maximum in-game currency, number of inventory slots, and more. A complete breakdown of membership differences can be found the game's official site.

The webcast is available to watch online now, if you'd prefer to see the announcement for yourself. Sorry for totally ruining the surprise ending, though.