Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII ends trilogy, coming 2013

As expected, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is getting a sequel. But it's not called Final Fantasy XIII-3. Nope. Today, Square Enix announced the end of this unexpected trilogy with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Coming in 2013 to PS3 and Xbox 360, Lightning Returns will conclude Lightning's saga--something we expected after the "to be continued" ending offered in the previous game. Once again, the game promises to evolve the series, adding more dynamic character control, letting you duck for cover and move your character while in combat.

Intriguingly, the game world will end in 13 days--a concept that harkens to The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. According to Andriasang, Lightning will be "even stronger" than in the first two games. Square Enix promises that this version of Lightning will more closely resemble the image portrayed in Final Fantasy XIII's original concept trailer.

The game will offer some sort of Facebook connectivity, but what that will entail has not been disclosed. Perhaps when the game's Facebook page goes live, we'll find out.

(P.S. Still no word on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, folks.)