Late Night Computing: August 20, 2012

Oh, hello there. As prophesized by former editor Chris Remo, Late Night Consoling has returned as Late Night Computing. Dogs and cats will live together, the Pittsburgh Pirates will clinch a playoff spot, for the apocalypse is nigh.

A bit of Shacknews history for the newcomers, first. In the early days of Shack, our coverage revolved around everything PC. Hardware, games, the newest mods, and...you get the idea. Former editor Jason Bergman then authored the first of many Late Night Consoling columns in August of 2001, which continued to run through June 2007 under the likes of Nick Breckon, Chris Faylor, and eventually Chris Remo where it met an untimely end as console coverage was integrated with PC coverage.

So what will the new Late Night Computing be like, you ask? A mixed bag of everything tech. We'll highlight news bits, trailers, screenshots, Chatty threads, files, and other stupidity for your nightly entertainment.

News bits.

  • Cleverbot, that wonderful thinking machine, riffs on the latest videogame news. [via Gamesbeat]

  • The team remaking the classic adventure game Riven: The Sequel to Myst holds an 'Ask Us Anything'. Read up on the latest from the project! [via Reddit]

  • The Cruz sisters have a friendly cos-play wager over a game of New Super Mario Bros. 2. I can't concentrate, there's too much going on! [via Nintendo]

  • BioShock fans will be enraptured by this fan-made pinball machine. [via Poor Man's Pinball!]

  • James Franco is soooooo goooood in his commercial debut selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. [via SamsungMobile]

  • Bruce Banner, having reverted from his mean green alter-ego, meets the janitor in an extended deleted scene from The Avengers to be included in the Blu-ray edition. [via Digitaltrends]

Chatty posts of the moment.

Make sure you log-in and check your filters if you can't see the following:

  • Listen to the latest episode of Gamers After Life: "In episode 8 we wrestle with the big picture: What is man's place in the universe? Is the human race destined to reach out to the stars, or must we first tend to the health of our home, the Earth? Is suicide ultimately a noble response to the multitude of transgressions and disappointments that attend the modern life? Is there such a thing as objective reality, and if there is, will we ever comprehend it?" [by Sexpansion Pack]

  • "Kickstarter Monday. Do you have any great projects to share? Here is one announcement that I really liked: Castle Story campaign. I'll throw some other projects I'm watching in reply." [by Nation]

Nightly file.

  • Zigfrak beta 8.2 demo by aayers: "When the Xenoid threat was discovered, human society was thrust into an era of martial law. Security became top priority, at the cost of individual liberty. In the face of this growing oppression, many left their homeworlds in search of freedom. In hope of defending your settlements against threats, both human and alien, you have enlisted as a pilot with the Freerunners." Download beta demo 8.2 for Windows or Mac.


Transformers: Fall of Cybertron launch trailer:

Optimus Prime and his Autobots abandon their homeworld to seek refuge from savage Decepticon attacks as they board the last transport off Cybertron. Grimlock? He still king.

BOOM video 13627

New trailers and screenshots for The Hip Hop Dance Revolution, Guardians of Middle-earth, WWE '13, and RaiderZ have also been added to our media database.

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