Shack PSA: The Old Republic free trial now has no time limit

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been fighting a dwindling player base since it launched in December, but BioWare continues to build loyalty to the game, now allowing new players to play to level 15 free with no time limit starting today.

As part of today's 1.3.2 patch, BioWare announced that it is letting players experience the opening adventures for all eight classes and origin world, fight against other players in PvP and play through one Flashpoint. The game has had numerous free weekends, but as the company begins to explore a free-to-play model, it is trying to bring in and retain as many new players as possible. It has been estimated that some servers have fewer than 350 players online at any one time.

If you haven't tried the game yet, now seems to be the best time, especially with the recent launch of the 1.3 Allies update, and the promise of a whole new world to explore sometime later this year.