Nintendo 3DS XL announced: has bigger screens, better battery life

Update: Nintendo of America has announced official release details for the US. The system is named the Nintendo 3DS XL in the US; 3DS LL is for Japan. Nintendo has announced a redesign of the 3DS. Primarily, the Nintendo 3DS XL is larger than the original. The top screen now measures 4.88 inches, while the bottom screen measures 4.18 inches. Both screens are approximately 90 percent larger than in the original 3DS. Because of the larger design of the system, it will feature better battery life than the original. However, do note that there is no second analog stick, meaning a new Circle Pad Pro must be designed for this revised system. The larger system will be available in two colors: red and blue. The XL will be available at retail on August 19th for $199, the same day as New Super Mario Bros 2. The system will also include a 4GB SD card to encourage purchases from the Nintendo eShop.

The screens are 90 percent larger than the original's