This is what a next-gen Final Fantasy could look like

What would a next generation Final Fantasy look like? That's the question Agni's Philosophy answers. Developed by Square Enix's Japanese team, it's the first public demonstration of the company's Luminous Studio engine. And it is incredibly impressive. Imagine, if you will, a pre-rendered cutscene from Final Fantasy XIII--but running in real time on DirectX 11 hardware. I had a chance to speak with Mike Fischer, president and CEO of Square Enix, about the new engine. He told Shacknews that Luminous is currently not targeting "any specific hardware. It makes a certain set of assumptions where we think technology is heading." Fischer wouldn't say whether or not this technology would work on the PS4 or the next Xbox, but he did reassure me that they are not reaching too high. "I am confident that [the console manufacturers] know what they're doing, so that doesn't keep me up at night." We'll have more from our interview with Fischer soon on Shacknews. BOOM video 13052

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