Battlefield 3 June patch adds custom rules symbol, color blind support

DICE has detailed a large upcoming patch to Battlefield 3, set to hit right in the midst of E3 festivities. It's scheduled to hit all three platforms on June 4, the same day as Battlefield 3 Premium. As usual, the patch will make a few key adjustments among a multitude of smaller changes. The biggest changes are a fix to an overpowered M26 loadout, slightly reduce suppression, icons for servers running custom games, and colorblind support for console players. One of the main complaints fans had against rented servers were the custom rules implemented by its operators. Some servers would have tickets set to max, leading to "marathon games." DICE is addressing the situation by adding a § symbol in the server browser. That symbol will indicate the server is running custom rules. "Note that this can still be either a Ranked or Unranked server, as some rule changes will turn a server Unranked, while some (such as ticket counts) do not affect the server’s Ranked status," DICE notes. Oddly, use of the symbol is not mandatory, and those running custom servers will be able to opt not to display it.

No more marathon battles?

Other tweaks listed on the Battlefield Blog include improved VTOL performance, and various changes to other vehicles, gadgets, and more. It's a large-scale update, so you're almost certain to find something you love and something you hate about it. DICE doesn't list a fix to the FAMAS bug in its patch notes, but has claimed that's coming soon. It will probably be issued as a separate patch, as we can't imagine the studio would wait until a big July update to fix the problem.