Battlefield 3 FAMAS bug affects XP and stats

An odd bug has popped up in Battlefield 3, and it only seems to impact players in a very particular way. Players who use the FAMAS weapon run the risk of making stats and experience go unrecognized by the game. As a result, DICE is advising players to avoid using the weapon for the time being.

"In any game where the FAMAS is used there is a chance that player stats and experience will not be recognized after the game," DICE warns.

"We are aware that some players are experiencing a problem where their in-game stats and experience are not being recognized towards their progression on Battlelog or in-game," reads a post on the game's Facebook page. "We are temporarily recommending that players avoid using the FAMAS and spread the word to fellow players to avoid the problems this error can cause."

Some of the comments claim that their stats went untracked even without using the FAMAS, and the announcement sounds as if anyone in the game using the weapon can potentially ruin it for everyone. DICE expects to have the problem fixed soon, but in the meantime it sounds like one heck of a tool for griefers.