BioWare opens dialogue on Dragon Age

Dragon Age: Origins was a beloved throwback to classic PC RPGs, and fans rallied around it. Dragon Age 2, not so much. Many fans felt the game had changed too much. So as BioWare prepares for Dragon Age 3, it's soliciting feedback from its vocal audience.

A post on the BioWare Blog says the team is going to be asking a series of questions about what fans would like to see from the series. "Consider this a conversation between fans, the community team, and the developers," it reads. "Everyone at BioWare is incredibly excited about the future of the franchise but we're interested in what you have to say." Questions will be posted monthly, and fans will have a week to reply. The post states this feedback will be used for the universe as a whole, so that could include things like novels or animated features.

The first question, which starts today, is very lore-based: "What kinds of things would you like to discover and learn about the Dragon Age world?"

"However, it's worth reminding that we're not making promises, we're talking about ideas," the blog states. "We won't guarantee that things we discuss will materialize and we’re not showing anything until we're ready."

We don't know much about a potential Dragon Age 3, but BioWare did cancel a Dragon Age 2 expansion to explore "other opportunities." At PAX East 2012, BioWare hinted at more open spaces (without repeated assets) and bringing back full equipment options for party members.