Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition sells a million copies

"This 'Minecraft' thing is just a fad, right?" - Fictional person made up for the purposes of this article.

Sorry, fictional person. It appears that Minecraft's popularity extends beyond the PC. The Xbox 360 Edition of Mojang Specification's iconic crafting game has sold a million copies in less than one week on the market. According to Microsoft, that means the game has broken "all previous Xbox Live Arcade digital sales records." Sorry, Trials Evolution.

With the game profitable after one hour of sales, it boggles the mind to think how rich the developers of Minecraft are with such record-breaking sales.

Major Nelson reports that since its launch, there have been more than 4 million multiplayer sessions played, with 2.4 total multiplayer gaming hours. Combined with everyone crafting online, gamers have clocked in 5.2 million hours, suggesting many Xbox 360 owners spent more time mining low-res blocks than they did with their moms.