Trials Evolution breaks 1-day XBLA sales record

People sure do love some physics-based motocross. For proof, one need look no further than publisher Microsoft Studios' announcement that Trials Evolution has achieved the highest one-day sales figures ever seen from a game on Xbox Live Arcade. While it's no surprise that the game is performing well from a sales perspective--given that its predecessor, Trials HD was quite well-received, too--the record-breaking nature of Trials Evolution's first twenty-four hours on XBLA is a pleasant surprise.

Though it's an impressive accomplishment, it's ultimately unclear how the one-day sales figures for Trials Evolution stack up relative to other XBLA releases, given that Microsoft isn't keen to get that granular with sales information.

Trials Evolution is the first XBLA title published under the Arcade NEXT promo, which will roll out games like Bloodforge, Fable Heroes, and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition in the upcoming months.

Trials Evolution is currently available exclusively via XBLA for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15).

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