Diablo 3 servers severely stressed as open beta ends

The Diablo 3 stress test beta ended today after a weekend of frustrations and log in trouble for many, but it offered a boatload of data for Blizzard in preparation for the game's highly anticipated launch on May 15.

While stress tests are not known for running smoothly, the error messages started early for people trying to get into the beta on Friday, mostly facing log in and Error 37 server full errors. Blizzard Community Manager Micah Whipple (aka Bashiok to the Diablo community) tweeted that he guesstimated the servers hit around 300,000 concurrent users on Saturday.

While there were plenty of issues for Blizzard to deal with, many players did get to play and reported enjoyable experiences. The beta only allowed users to hit level 13, ending with the Skeleton King, which is the beginning chuck of the first act in the game. Unfortunately, all players will have to show for their weekend will be stories, as everything will be wiped and testers will start fresh when the game launches.

Meanwhile, the game's Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise website continues to reveal new information. Two more developer videos have been unveiled, while Blizzcast 17 was unlocked this weekend. A new character class video is expected to be released tomorrow highlighting either the Witch Doctor or the Wizard.

While you wait, check out the BlizzCast and learn how they got the sound of breaking bones.