Dark Souls: Prepare to Die for PC on Aug. 24

We reported yesterday that Dark Souls was coming to the PC with added content. During their Global Gamers Day keynote, publisher Namco Bandai has confirmed that Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition will add a new chapter to the story and will release digitally worldwide on August 24.

From Software's Creative Director Hidetaka Miyazaki confirmed the game's title and release date. The new web site for the game also launched, revealing "an untold chapter in the world of Lordran where the player must stop the spread of darkness at all costs by facing and defeating the Dark Knight Artorias."

The new content includes such bosses as Artorias of Abyss and Chimera of Tomb, a PVP online matchmaking system for co-op or PVP, new areas Oolacile Tomb and Old Ruins, new enemies such as the Abyss Guard and Chained Prisoner, a new NPC named Hawkeye Gough, and plenty of new weapons and armor.

Apparently, that is just the beginning, with more details forthcoming next week.

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