Leisure Suit Larry gets a Kick(starter) to the pants

You all supported Double Fine's Kickstarter adventure to smashing success, kicking off a flurry of other Kickstarter game projects like the recent Takedown. So with those projects out of the way, how do you feel about funding a sad, desperate Lothario who may be well past his prime?

The Make Leisure Suit Larry come again project (har!) is underway and up to roughly $13,000 so far. It's aiming for $500,000 by May 2, 12:30 PM PDT. The goal: to make a 25th Anniversary edition of Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, complete with mobile support, modern interface, high-res graphics, fully-voiced characters, and new writing from Al Lowe. The team has already secured the license, and now needs the funding.

In true Leisure Suit Larry fashion, the team is also counting a few eggs before they're babies, citing ideas for going above and beyond the funding amount. If they hit above $500,000, the team says it could localize the voice-overs to different languages, aim the game for more platforms, and have an orchestrated soundtrack.