Starbreeze working 'long days and nights' for Syndicate deadline

Starbreeze's Syndicate reboot came out swinging with a February 21 release date, then actually had the audacity to move it even closer. That has put the developer into "blitzkrieg" mode according to executive producer Jeff Gamon, but the studio leadership is staying positive despite the long hours.

"Long days and nights," CEO Mikael Nermark told Edge. "Everyone is hard at work. This is the exciting phase of game development. Personally, I love this time."

When the game does reboot, it will mark a major change for the franchise. Gamon explained that this is a natural part of the progression of games. "Technology has moved on [since the original Syndicate]," he said. "Our ability to put you in the shoes of an agent, our ability to tell great stories as well, has moved on massively over the last 15 or 18 years. The new Syndicate is a product for now."

Part of that is taking personal ownership of the title. "We wanted to create a game that felt like our game as well," said Nermark. "A game for us. For this time. We thought Syndicate is a great game. A great classic franchise. We want to make a great new Syndicate... it's a game that plays to Starbreeze's strengths."

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