Remaking old Final Fantasy games would take 'ten times longer'

Square Enix has been more willing to iterate with sequels to its Final Fantasy games lately, with titles like Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XIII-2. But if you asked series fans what they'd really like, chances are you'd get a healthy dose of "remake Final Fantasy VII."

Now FFXIII-2 producer Yoshinori Kitase has addressed those requests head-on, explaining that remakes of older titles would take an unreasonable amount of work.

Kitase told OXM UK that newer games like Final Fantasy XIII already have the engine, assets, and even most of the team still in tact. Making a sequel for these titles is relatively easy.

"But if we were to take one of the past Final Fantasy titles and make a sequel to it, I think that would be a lot more challenging because when they were on PlayStation and PlayStation 2 their actual game volume was a lot bigger, kind of," he said. "Graphically they weren't as advanced as they are now, but there were lots of towns and worlds and cities and whatever. So if we were to recreate the same kind of game - sequel or not - with the same volume, but give it a much higher level of graphical quality, it would us take three times, four times, even ten times longer to make such a game. So making a sequel for an old game would be a lot more challenging."

In other words, Final Fantasy VII is a massive game, and newer titles err on the side of dazzling visuals for their fewer environments. If Kitase is right, a remake would have to sell ten times as much to make it worth their while. So next time you pine for Cloud's cross-dressing scene in glorious HD quality, you can remind yourself of the reason it might never happen.