Report: Brink dev working on licensed game

Splash Damage, developer of Brink, is now at work on a licensed game that will apparently reuse Brink's engine with a recognizable cast of characters. However, the company in charge of the IP has reportedly stepped away from console publishing.

IndustryGamers says the deal is with a "major entertainment brand," and says it's based on "one of the biggest American pop culture brands of the last 50 years." Otherwise, the project is being kept in the dark at the moment.

So, a 50-year-old franchise that lends itself to a multiplayer shooter, owned by a company that has shied away from consoles. We're inclined to guess Marvel -- the company is now owned by Disney, and Disney Interactive Studios moved more into mobile app development after closing some PC and console studios. But that's pure speculation, and maybe they'll surprise us all by showing off their tight new multiplayer shooter based on Mork & Mindy.

[UPDATE: Since the initial story broke, Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood tweeted to VG247's UK News Editor Johnny Cullen what's more or less a blanket denial that runs contrary to the initial report by IndustryGamers. It reads:

@JohnnyCullen Yes. We're not working with Disney. We're not building a pop culture IP. We're only using BRINK tech for BRINK updates atm

It would seem as though there's nothing to see here people, after all. Kindly, move along. That said, we'll keep you apprised of any new developments on potential upcoming Splash Damage projects as they are revealed.]