Mass Effect 3 campaign modes leaked

The Mass Effect 3 beta was accidentally leaked to those taking part in the Microsoft dashboard preview over the weekend. Though the game was quickly pulled from the service, the all-seeing eyes of the Internet was quick on the draw to learn new campaign mode details.

The biggest revelation are the campaign modes, preset options that accentuate different parts of the game experience. "Action Mode" sets conversation to automatic replies and attunes the game to normal difficulty. "Story Mode" sets manual replies and minimal combat difficulty. "RPG Mode" is the one most Mass Effect fans are used to, setting manual replies and normal difficulty. You can alter the conversation and difficulty settings individually yourself as well.


The leaks are compiled on NeoGAF, full of blurry screenshots and transcriptions.

BioWare has given a response (via Eurogamer) to the leak, reminding fans that this version of the game is a far cry from the final version due in March.

"One feature that was present in this early build is a set of game play modes that are in development," said producer Jesse Houston. "We want to stress that these features are still in the early stages of development and will receive considerable iteration and refinement. These modes are designed to give players an even finer degree of control over their game experience than ever before. Whether it be someone who finds the combat difficult but wants to experience the amazing story, someone who wants to focus on the action and combat game play, or fans who want the rich, story-driven RPG Mass Effect experience they’ve come to love - Mass Effect 3 will support all of these options. We'll have more info in the days ahead!"