Halo Anniversary Kinect detailed, goes gold

Halo: Combat Evolved has gone gold... again. The Anniversary remake is done, eagerly waiting to re-earn your hard-earned dollars on November 15th.

New to Anniversary is Kinect support, detailed for the first time at New York Comic Con. You'll be able to use voice commands, such as "Grenade" and "Reload," through the campaign. You'll also be able to switch between the classic and revamped visuals through voice commands as well.

Perhaps the most exciting addition offered by Kinect is the "Library" feature, which can be activated by shouting "Analyze." You'll then be able to "capture" select items in the environment, a la Metroid Prime, and these items will go into an encyclopedia which not only details the object, but lets you see the 3D model up close and personal.

The library is very cool, but unfortunately it is exclusive to Kinect. Why? Because there, apparently, wasn't a button for it.

Finally, 343 revealed the final map for Anniversary's multiplayer mode. "Hang 'Em High" is returning, and promises to be the most true to the feel of the original's.