Dead Island DLC delay due to 'polishing of the main game'

Dead Island devotees may have noticed that the zombastic action-RPG's survival mode downloadable content 'Bloodbath Arena' missed its planned September launch. According to an official explanation and apology, this delay is down to time spent polishing the game post-launch.

"We are working hard to make the Bloodbath Arena DLC available as soon as possible. However, due to further polishing of the main game the finalization of the DLC code has been delayed," said an updated on the official Dead Island Facebook on Friday.

"We know that many fans are eagerly waiting for it and apologize for any inconvenience. We expect to announce a release update next week." That's this week now, of course.

Bloodbath Arena will add a wave-based survival mode which uses your campaign characters and boasts online leaderboards. There will also be a new weapon to use against those poor, innocent zombies, the delightfully-named "brain wave bomb."

Those who pre-ordered Dead Island will get the Bloodbath Arena DLC for free, while it'll cost $10 for everyone else.