Dead Island pre-orders pack free Arena DLC

Pre-ordering Techland's open-world zombie nightmare Dead Island will get you a free chunk of downloadable content that'll otherwise cost $10, publisher Deep Silver has announced.


The Bloodbath Arena DLC will add four survival mode arenas, promising, in slightly broken English, "waves after waves of deadly zombie attack" for your multiplayer or solitary enjoyment.

Experience points and items gained can be carried over into a regular campaign game, while scores will be tracked on leaderboards. The DLC will also add a new weapon, the "brain wave bomb"--fingers crossed for exploding heads.

Bloodbath Arena will arrive some time after the Dead Island launches, priced at $10 for those who didn't pre-order. Dead Island's due to launch for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 "later this year," but will be on show at E3 this week.