Firefall launches this December

Red 5's upcoming free-to-play, persistent world shooter, Firefall, has been given a release window. Speaking with MMO Culture during the ChinaJoy Expo, Red 5 Studios founder Mark Kern confirmed the release window for December in North America.

On Firefall's own official forums, Kern reitterated that the full game would launch in December, despite the interviewers originally believing the month was held for a beta launch. "They asked me when the game was launching, and I said December. For some reason, they interpreted that as Beta," Kern said, apologizing for the confusion.

Red 5 Studios announced Firefall in early September 2010. Droves of gamers flocked to try Firefall during PAX East 2011. From my experience with it, our initial assessment of the game was on target: Firefall features something of a Borderlands look and a Tribes gameplay style. Tribes designer Scott Youngblood is the lead designer for Firefall.

A beta test is set to launch sometime before launch. Shacknews will fill you in on the details when they are made available.

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[via Joystiq]