What are you playing: Calm Before the Storm

Just because E3 2011 kicks off on Monday, that doesn't mean we can't get in some gaming time. Actually, it probably means we shouldn't, but who cares?! There are so many quality titles our there, we need to get some gaming in.

Here's what Team Shack is up to this weekend. Think of it as the "calm before the storm." What are you up to this weekend, Shackers?

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  • Garnett Lee: I’ll be playing last push to E3 prep with organization of the Shacknews attack plan for next week but, should time allow, I’m close to finishing up my XBLA playthrough of Torchlight.

  • Xav de Matos: This weekend I'll be making beautiful music with Child of Eden and saving all the ladies of the world in The Witcher 2.

  • Andrew Yoon: I just purchased the Rockstar Pass for LA Noire, and I can't wait to jump back into Cole's shoes.

  • Alice O'Connor: I'm off to a double-bill of Double Indemnity and The Big Sleep--not inspired by L.A. Noire, just because. I've got a fancy new Android phone so any gaming this weekend will be on that, out in the sunshine before E3 has me locked indoors for a week. So far, Game Dev Story is proving hugely distracting and wonderful.

  • Jeff Mattas: I’ll be finishing up L.A. Noire this weekend (including the current DLC), but I’ll probably spend most of my game time Witchering my head off.

  • Steve Watts: I'll continue digging into LA Noire, but other than that I'm stumped. I have games in my backlog but I don't really want to start any of them with the coming tidal wave of games and gaming news. That probably just means I'll play lots and lots of Plants vs Zombies.

  • Ozzie Mejia: Towing the line between good and evil in Infamous 2.