A teasing peek at the future of EVE Online

EVE Online developer CCP Games revealed its vision for the EVE universe's future during the annual Fanfest event with a stylish cinematic trailer.

The concept video hints at complex interaction between EVE and the upcoming console FPS DUST 514, with EVE players bombarding soldiers on the surface of a planet. It's been known all along that DUST would connect with EVE but initial examples given were simple interactions, such as EVE players contracting DUST players to secure resources for them to use in the MMORPG.

BOOM video 8593

While the video may use in-game assets, it is still only a vision, not a blueprint. What you see here may not reflect features that ultimately make it into the games, and certainly doesn't imply you'll see any of it soon. We've still yet to receive the 'walking in stations' update Incarna, which CCP first announced at the 2006 Fanfest. It's not expected to arrive until this summer at the earliest, and even then only in a very limited form.

Plus, of course, EVE always manages to look far more action-packed in trailers than it is in (virtual) reality.

Not all plans revealed were quite so vague, though, as CCP also unveiled new ship turret models and animations and new nebulae that'll be coming to EVE.