Battlefield Heroes celebrates 7M users


Battlefield Heroes is celebrating a user milestone with a special week-long promotion. EA announced today that the game has hit seven million registered users, and to mark the occasion it will be giving out seven-themed items for the next seven days.

Every Heroes player will get a pack of 77 bandages, 77 Battlefunds, and 77 wrenches just for logging in between March 8 and 15. Players can also choose to spend 777 Battlefunds in exchange for a 7-day boost of XP, VP, and Sarge's stamina, and 777 tonics.

Of course, this is registered users, not active users, so its hard to gauge how big the Battlefield Heroes community still is, almost two years after launch. Still, seven million is nothing to sneeze at, and the extra goodies are a nice touch. If you haven't signed up and want to contribute towards making that number eight million, you can register to play for free on the game site.