GDC: Sony announces Home 1.5

At the Game Developers Conference today, Sony announced the development of PlayStation Home 1.5, set for release this spring. The update is developer-focused, introducing a new set of tools for development inside the Home interface. The tools will allow for real-time multiplayer games, and improvements to the physics engine and animations.

BOOM video 8279

The press release teases better network infrastructure for multi-player games, using examples like racing games or first-person shooters. The improved physics engine gives a greater degree of control over factors like collision, mass, and velocity. Developers will also be able to use multiple animations on a model and blend between animations more effectively. Finally, the tools promise better rendering control, which will improve frame rates.

Coupled with the reveal was the announcement of Sodium Two, the sequel to the Home game Sodium One, and a showpiece of the new Home tools. It will launch this spring alongside the 1.5 update. Check out the Sodium Two trailer above for a look at what can be done with the new suite.