Departure of XCOM developer studio head confirmed

XCOM publisher 2K Games has confirmed that 2K Australia studio head Martin Slater has resigned from the company, fueling rumors that his departure had something to do with changes to XCOM. Earlier this month, a supererogatory tweet spilled word of Slater's departure, with another tweet later claiming there had been "some big changes since it [XCOM] was announced."

A 2K spokesperson confirmed Slater's departure to Joystiq:

Over the course of a project, development teams do change and evolve from time-to-time. While we can confirm that Martin Slater is no longer with the studio, there have been no changes to the way in which XCOM is being developed. The project continues to involve strong collaboration between our California and Australia locations and continues to be led by creative director Jonathan Pelling, a longstanding member of the talented team that worked on BioShock, BioShock 2, Freedom Force and Tribes.

The statement claims changes haven't been made to the process, but doesn't necessarily deny that changes were the impetus for Slater's absence.

XCOM's re-imagining as a first-person shooter was surprising, as was the revelation that it was coming from multiple studios. We'll have to see for ourselves if the game has undergone significant changes when it's shown publicly.