XCOM FPS 'Re-Imagining' Coming From Both 2K Australia and 2K Marin [Updated]

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 15, 2010 5:40am PDT [Update - 1:30pm CST] 2K Games has clarified that "both the Novato, California and Canberra, Australia arms of [2K Marin] are collaborating on XCOM," explaining to Joystiq that "the 2K Australia name is no longer used."

2K Australia was the designation given to the Australian branch of original BioShock developer Irrational after the game was completed. At the time, Irrational's main office was renamed 2K Boston, but recently switched back to the Irrational Games branding.

[Original] The lead BioShock 2 development team at 2K Marin is apparently not behind the first-person shooter "reimagining" of the classic PC series X-COM, as yesterday's announcement heavily implied, but in fact BioShock and BioShock 2 co-developer 2K Australia, publisher 2K Games has told 1up.

2K Australia is apparently now a "sister studio" to 2K Marin operating under its name, according to 2K, who refer to the studio as "the Canberra, Australia arm of 2K Marin."

The shooter named simply 'XCOM' is being made for PC and Xbox 360, though no release date is yet known. While many fans of the turn-based tactical series are upset about it becoming an FPS, 2K assures that "the Canberra, Australia arm of 2K Marin" will "true to the roots of the franchise" as they "re-imagine and expand the rich lore."

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  • The best thing about x-com was that the story was unique for each person that played it.

    Missions could go horribly wrong and the only option was to retreat (sometimes carrying wounded soldiers back to the ship). Your bases could be invaded and destroyed. Your best soldiers could die.

    The story didn't end there and you didn't have to reload. You could keep playing and try to overcome the setback. The fact that it was possible to lose the game made winning very satisfying.

    No amount of polished cutscenes or fancy graphics will compare to the experience of playing xcom. Xcom to me was about making strategic and tactical decisions and living (or dying) with the consequences.

    There is no doubt that this might be a great fps, but it will not be xcom.