Morning Discussion

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Nov 14, 2007 6:13am PST How is everyone doing today? I zonked out a bit early last night, still trying to get rid of whatever is going around. Busy day though, with Rocket Race enthusiasm bringing it into mainstream Halo 3. I wonder how people will react? Probably just like they mistreat Oddball with vetoes. :( Don't they know it's only the best melee weapon? Poor Skulley.

Still more stuff to bring together this morning, but I think we'll run a contest in the chatty today too. We have two copies of Gears of War PC, courtesy of Microsoft and Epic. In order to qualify, post your best co-op gaming story in this thread, and we'll post winners tomorrow.

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  • damn mute switch on my xbl headset broke

    took it apart to see what was up with it... the tiny little plastic 'box' that the switch is held into on the inside (the thing you slide left to right ont he top of the headset) is broken... ah oh well.. this will be the second time an xbl headset has done this to me.. the original did it as well... guess ill just have to put up with an ugly open headset switch.

    im pretty sure most of you were kinda hoping that you wouldnt happen to put up with my drunken deep sexy radio voice anymore, but hah! tough shit!