HTC Teases Vive Update at CES

VR enthusiasts were wondering if the big players in the VR HMD market were planning on introducing newer models after both Oculus and HTC announced permanent price drops on their respective headsets back in 2017. The Oculus Rift commonly sells for under $400 these days and the HTC Vive carries a $599 price tag.

Speculation is running wild that HTC may be offering an updated version of the Vive HMD after the company teased a reveal on its official Vive Twitter account.

The tweet seems to imply that the Vive could be getting a bump in resolution for the new year. One of the common complaints from users of both the Rift and Vive was that the resolution was low enough to affect immersion. Some users complained about the “screen door effect” when using their headsets.

Just how much of a bump in resolution the Vive will get is uncertain, but expect all to be revealed at CES as Shacknews will keep you updated on all the biggest reveals and surprises.

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