Destiny 2 - What is the Light Level Cap?

Players of the original Destiny will be very familiar with what their Light level is and what it means to their journey through Destiny 2. However, Bungie has changed things up slightly and altered Light to Power. It works the same way as it used to, but for some odd reason a different term was in order. So, for the sake of clarity, when we talk about the Light level cap in Destiny 2 we’re also talking about the Power level cap. The terms are interchangeable.

Destiny 2 Light Level Cap

The Destiny 2 Light level cap (read Power) is currently set to 300. This, however, is a level that is obtained by completing end game activities, so don’t expect to max out by playing the story campaign. Progression in Destiny 2 is going to be much more involved than running through the story missions that will be but a sliver of the final content. To reach the max Light and Power level in Destiny 2, events like the Nightfall and Leviathan raid will be required.

The importance of Light (or Power) level in Destiny 2 is your ability to deal and take damage against higher level enemies and in higher level events. Most events will have a recommended Power level, and anyone below that level will be in some trouble. If you’re Power (or Light) level is greater than the amount advised for the event, you’ll likely find an easier time getting through.

Light level and Power level is calculated by the score of your gear in Destiny 2. For example, if every piece of armor and every weapon your Guardian has equipped is 100, your Light level would be 100. Your overall Light or Power is a calculation based on the level of each piece of gear you have.

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