E3 2017: Cliff Bleszinski Dubs LawBreakers 'the Dark Souls of Competitive First-Person Shooters'

In an exclusive interview at Shacknews’ E3 booth in West Hall, Boss Key Productions co-founder Cliff Bleszinski shared his vision on FPS games and how he believes LawBreakers will push even the most experienced pro players to continue improving with each match.

“I think we’ve kind of made the Dark Souls of competitive first-person shooters,” he said. “Our matchmaking required a lot of tuning because the first alpha [test] was all over the board. But in the first beta, your average person’s win rate was only 20 percent. If the matchmaking’s doing its job, you want it to be closer to 50/50, which our programming team has tuned to the point where now it’s literally the definition of ‘win some, lose some.’”

After achieving worldwide acclaim following games such as Unreal Tournament and Epic Games’ Gears of War franchise, Bleszinski took a hiatus from the games industry. His body may have been at rest from the long hours and frequent meetings, but his mind never sat still. Before long, he bubbled over with ideas and co-founded Boss Key as, among other reasons, a vehicle through which to facilitate innovative concepts as well as refinement to known quantities such as arena shooters.

You can check out our full interview with Cliff Bleszinski below. For more E3 interviews and content, check out the Shacknews YouTube channel as well as our website, where we’ll be streaming live interviews throughout the remainder of E3 2017. 

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