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SSX 3.0 update adds simultaneous multiplayer

SSX 3.0 update adds simultaneous multiplayer

The summer Olympics are underway, providing hours upon hours of summer sports that you almost never watch outside the context of the Olympics. If you're still in the mood for something a little colder and more "xtreme," you can play some of the new modes in the latest SSX update.

The 3.0 update adds one of the most-requested features for the game: simultaneous multiplayer. 3-2-1-Go! is a six-rider multiplayer mode that puts you in simultaneous Trick It and Race It heats.

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"This is almost cool except I still hate the way this new game controls."
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SSX gets 'classic' DLC inspired by SSX 3 and Tricky

SSX gets 'classic' DLC inspired by SSX 3 and Tricky

What's the price of nostalgia? $7.99, according to Electronic Arts. The newly rebooted SSX will be getting a blast from the past with its upcoming Mt. Eddie & Classic Characters Bundle Pack.

Mt. Eddie is a brand new "ultra-long" mountain that features 9 new Race and Trick drops, and promises to offer the "huge kickers, ridiculous grinds" of classic SSX games. The mountain even includes two music tracks from the previous games.

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"Great. Didn't mean to come off as an asshole, but I was just so confused about it. Read it a ..."
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SSX demo coming next week

SSX demo coming next week

It's been a light winter for most of the country, but you can get a little downhill powder time in virtually next week. A demo of SSX will be coming next week for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, creative director Todd Batty has announced.

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"Well my life is over. If it's even half as good as the first I'll be set until Bioshock Infinite ..."
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SSX allows multiplayer without Online Pass

SSX allows multiplayer without Online Pass

As the origin of "Project Ten Dollar," EA has been dabbling in different ways of implementing its online pass systems. For example, the publisher recently locked single-player content in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Online multiplayer is usually completely locked in most of EA's sports and shooter titles. However, for the upcoming SSX, the company is trying a radical new idea: letting you play online even without the online pass.

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"Yeah, you do, but being able to play multi while you're still renting helps in assessing whether ..."
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SSX delayed for additional 'polish'

SSX delayed for additional 'polish'

EA's upcoming SSX reboot has been delayed. Originally scheduled for Valentine's Day 2012, SSX is now slipping past its great-for-marketing date by two weeks.

"We recently decided to take a couple of extra weeks to give our game the final bit of polish we think it deserves," creative director Todd Batty explained. "This means that we won’t be shipping the game to you until Feb. 28 in North America and Mar. 2 in the rest of the world. We hope that given how long you have waited for SSX to come back, you won’t mind waiting just a little bit longer."

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"I was going to make a joke about the 29th but then I realized there is a 29th this year."
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SSX dev diary goes behind the music

SSX dev diary goes behind the music

A developer diary for the upcoming revival of EA's SSX franchise reveals the game's ability to remix music in real-time based on character actions. Whether you're getting big air, grinding, or bailing out, the music in the game will react. According to SSX music producer Freddy Ouano, even music played import into the game from their console will be able to remix on the fly.

As for the game's licensed tracks, the trailer only mentions SSX will include a wide variety ranging from dubstep all the way to metal.

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"I get it. Somebody over at Kotaku (with zero knowledge or any technical know-how... which is ..."
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SSX preview

SSX preview

My last experience with SSX was the third game in the series for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, but easing into EA's new game was as smooth as cutting through fresh snow. It feels great and was easy to get back into the flow.

The marquee feature for this generation's SSX revival is EA Canada's use of NASA satellite topographical data to develop real-world mountains within the game. That is stage one of each level's development, gameplay producer Connor Dugan told me. The next stage was "SSX-ifying" each of the locales by adding big jumps, rails, and adding environmental items to differentiate each location at first sight. Alaska, for example, features the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.

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"Really excited for this... will probably wait for reviews though."
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NBA Jam: On Fire Edition gets SSX 'superstars'

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition gets SSX 'superstars'

"Superstars" Elise, Kaori, and Mac from EA's upcoming SSX reboot are setting their boards aside to hit the court, EA has revealed.

The three characters from EA Sports' SSX franchise have been added to the growing roster of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. No word on how the three characters will be unlocked in the upcoming arcade basketball title.

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"I read that headline as "Gets SEX Superstars" Boy, am I disappointed..."
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SSX had skiing, may be added later

SSX had skiing, may be added later

The upcoming SSX is a huge game, recreating many of the world's most famous mountaintops. However, the developers at EA had an even bigger vision for the game: it would include both snowboarding and skiing.

"Skiing was actually a feature that was a part of our initial design plans," EA's David McDonagh explained. "But it was something that we had to cut awhile back given our production timelines for the game."

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"I might have to pick this up. Hmm. Brings back memories for sure."
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