NBA Jam: On Fire Edition gets SSX 'superstars'

"Superstars" Elise, Kaori, and Mac from EA's upcoming SSX reboot are setting their boards aside to hit the court, EA has revealed.

The three characters from EA Sports' SSX franchise have been added to the growing roster of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. No word on how the three characters will be unlocked in the upcoming arcade basketball title.

"The SSX team knows a thing or two about razzle-dazzle and is prepared to school everyone with their insane aerial tricks," a post on EA's news site notes, promising "spectacular poses so cool you'll expect it to start snowing."

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition is the new, download-only entry in the arcade-favorite franchise. It launches on October 4 on the PlayStation Network and October 5 on the Xbox Live Arcade, each being made available for $15.

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