SSX had skiing, may be added later

The upcoming SSX is a huge game, recreating many of the world's most famous mountaintops. However, the developers at EA had an even bigger vision for the game: it would include both snowboarding and skiing.

"Skiing was actually a feature that was a part of our initial design plans," EA's David McDonagh explained. "But it was something that we had to cut awhile back given our production timelines for the game."

The reason why it was cut was that the team would have to create "literally twice the number of carving, grinding and trick animations in the game." According to the EA blog, "splitting our focus here would result in far less unique trick content, which is really important to our fans."

Skiing could possibly return in a sequel, or downloadable content. Thankfully, McDonagh takes a refreshing stance on DLC, promising that "decisions for what our final DLC plans look like won’t happen for awhile," and that announcements regarding DLC will be made after the game's launch... like how expansion packs used to work in the industry.