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What Zoid Is Gonna Do

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 29, 2000 4:29am PST

N64.IGN has some news on what Zoid, whose contract with id ends today, is going to be working on at Retro Studios, namely network design and...


"Q3 isn\'t for everybody. People have a hard time picking it up because it moves faster than ..."

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Carmack on Zoid Departure

By Steve Gibson, Feb 27, 2000 3:32am PST

As Zoid announced late yesterday, he has left id Software to work at Retro Studios in Austin in the console business (along side my goofy...


"#149, Not so much your country as big business. A cure for cancer would be bad business since ..."

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Zoid Leaves id

By Jack Mathews, Feb 25, 2000 11:02pm PST

This should be a shocker to most of you. Seems that Zoid's made a .plan update that he's moving on... I normally don't quote entire long updates,...


"DOH! Oh well, it was bound to happen someday. Damn IE!!! DAMN YOU COOKIES!!! mofo."

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