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'Playroom' tech demo shows off PS4's PlayStation Eye

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'Playroom' tech demo shows off PS4's PlayStation Eye

It may not come bundled with the PS4, but Sony also has a next-gen camera in the works. PlayStation Eye for PS4 will be available as a $59 peripheral, but what can it do? We got to see a tech demo called "Playroom" to see the possibilities.

A Sony representative said the demo was simply a way of showcasing how the new DualShock 4 worked in conjunction with the Eye. On the TV, a floating AI robot appeared, pouring a bunch of smaller robots into your controller. If you put your ear to the speaker you could hear little sounds supposedly coming from inside. The controller would rumble as the robots jumped inside the controller.

Like with previous Eye games, the showed an augmented version of the real-world room that we were in. Swiping up on the touchpad numerous times hurled the smaller bots out of the controller onto the floor, allowing me to interact with them with my hand. Pressing down on the touchpad, I could vacuum them all back into the controller.

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"It looks like a fun toy; dunno if its worth getting though. I think kinect and previous motion ..."
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Player choice still matters in InFamous: Second Son

Player choice still matters in InFamous: Second Son

Sucker Punch brought InFamous: Second Son to E3, showing off the dazzling new powers players can try in the upcoming PS4 action game.

In addition to highlighting new hero Delsin Rowe's new abilities, game director Nathan Fox discussed how player choice would remain a pivotal aspect of the series.

The demo took place near Seattle's famous Space Needle and focused on Delsin fighting off a large group of the Department of Unified Protection. More of the fire-based powers revealed in last month's Game Informer were on display, with Delsin using his smoke abilities to launch himself towards high areas. The demo culminated with Delsin unleashing a special attack, in which he launched himself into the air and rocketed down to earth, creating a giant crater and clearing out all surrounding foes.

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How Quantum Break mixes TV and games for a new experience

How Quantum Break mixes TV and games for a new experience

Remedy wants their next title, Quantum Break to represent the next step of interactive entertainment. But what is that, you ask? Well, it's TV, of course.

Quantum Break, is more than just a game. It's an interactive experience that ties into a companion TV show. "This time around, we are going a lot further with Quantum Break," explained creative director Sam Lake to the audience. "It's much more than a triple-A game. There is a top-of-the-line action TV show that ships with the game. Both the game and the show are meant to be consumed together. Episodes of the show interweave with episodes of the game. For us, this really is a dream come true. Looking at our past games, it's a logical leap forward."

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"Why was it so important for them to have that conversation right then and there in front of that ..."
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Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade MMORPG announced

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade MMORPG announced

A MMORPG set in Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe has been announced at E3 for PC, Xbox One and PS4 but, er, it's probably not what you're expecting. WH40K: Eternal Crusade will see the Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Orks and Eldar duking it out in a "persistent online war" to control a planet, and all sounds quite PlanetSide-y.

The surprising part is that it's from Behaviour Interactive, developer of Wet and Naughty Bear.

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"Yeah. Unless some major publisher is backing this game I think a huge AAA effort like this from ..."
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How Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 attempts to improve upon the original

How Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 attempts to improve upon the original

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 picks off right after the events of the first LoS. And spoiler alert: you play as Dracula.

MercurySteam's Dave Cox, head of development on the game, said the team had three goals when it went in to make the sequel. The first was to remove the fixed camera and offer a 360 field of view to who off the world.

"People really loved the vistas and the art design, but a lot of people found the fixed camera work frustrating," Cox said. "That was a really big decision because that meant going back to look at the engine design, which was created for the PS2 and Xbox. We basically used it for the next consoles without making any improvements."

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"I believe this studio is based in Spain. Not Japan. And the story was great, it was the ..."
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Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare preview: rooting for more

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare preview: rooting for more

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare should not be a good game. Turning PopCap's beloved tower defense game into a console third-person shooter sounds like a joke; surely this must be the result of mega-corp Electronic Arts' heavy focus-testing. Yet, Garden Warfare manages to instantly wash away any cynicism surrounding the title with its loving 3D recreations of PvZ's iconic characters. It even manages to be an interesting game in its own right, by successfully translating the strategic gameplay of the original into a tactical shooter experience.

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"Looks like a mod for Dungeon Defenders. I was skeptical till watching the gameplay, but yeah, ..."
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Pokemon X and Y getting new friend system, tons of tweaks

Pokemon X and Y getting new friend system, tons of tweaks

Pokemon has been one of the Nintendo's slowest-evolving franchises, ironic given what the series is about. The company hews closely to tradition, building a devoted fanbase, and constantly inviting a new generation of players to take up their own mantle as Pokemon trainers. At an E3 panel last night, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company revealed how it plans to pack new features into Pokemon X and Y without jostling the formula too severely.

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"The custom rules and music options definitely seem awesome! Would definitely like to hear the ..."
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Mario Kart 8 preview: a total disregard for gravity

Mario Kart 8 preview: a total disregard for gravity

We've gone a whole generation with no new F-Zero game to show for it. Nintendo clearly hasn't forgotten the franchise, but its appearance in Nintendo Land was, quite frankly, not good. Fans have been clamoring for a new game in the series, but for now, it seems like Mario Kart 8 will have to suffice.

It may be an odd sentiment, but Nintendo's new Mario Kart for Wii U draws many inspirations from the futuristic racer. There's a wonderful disregard for gravity in Nintendo's latest kart racer, with track designs letting players race in mobius strips, flip upside-down, and drive on the side of walls. Certain tracks add heavy amounts of undulation to the mix, resembling GX more than any previous Mario Kart game.

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"0wnz, damn post button. Very fun, tight control, feels and looks fantastic."
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Quantic Dream shows off PS4 tech demo The Dark Sorcerer

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Quantic Dream shows off PS4 tech demo The Dark Sorcerer

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream has shared the full 12-minute version of its PlayStation 4 tech demo The Dark Sorcerer: A Next Gen Comedy, following a short tease during Sony's pre-E3 conference on Monday. It's an impressive and surprisingly funny short film about actors recording a scene for a video game, all running in real-time on a PS4.

Watch: "First time in a video game? Yeah, welcome to Hell" »

"Have you heard about latency? If any game required gfx calculation done in the cloud it would ..."
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Call of Duty: Ghosts preview: a more intimate CoD

Call of Duty: Ghosts preview: a more intimate CoD

Call of Duty has made bombastic action its stock-in-trade, as each subsequent iteration of the long-standing military shooter attempts to top itself. The figurative volume of the series is seemingly always blaring. Call of Duty: Ghosts might actually be primed to change that.

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"I dunno. They still have PS+. I take advantage of none of these closed systems."
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Titanfall preview: meching a difference

Titanfall preview: meching a difference

On paper, Titanfall doesn't sound particularly innovative or exciting. It's a sci-fi multiplayer first-person shooter from the creators of Call of Duty. What isn't these days? But Respawn Entertainment's debut game manages to be much more than the sum of its parts. It compels not through bombastic set pieces and easily marketable bullet-point features. Instead, it's thrilling simply because the mechanics are so thoughtfully crafted.

Nearly every aspect of the game feels like it's been designed for fun. Equipped with a jet pack, it's surprisingly entertaining to simply run through the environment. You can wall-run, jump up to ledges, and scale heights rather easily. This ability adds a nice verticality to combat, without becoming too centered around aerial combat, a la Tribes.

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"At last some newer games that are a bit more speedy. Still kind of slow, but slowly working ..."
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In Watch Dogs multiplayer, your game will get hacked

In Watch Dogs multiplayer, your game will get hacked

The world of Watch Dogs has so far been explained as a virtual GTA-like hackathon for protagonist Aiden Pierce, a vigilante who rights the wrongs he sees in the world. But Ubisoft has finally lifted the veil on the world of fixers and how players can team up or work against each other in the game.

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"im glad for the opt out option but forcing us to experience it once is cool!"
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Final Fantasy XV gameplay trailer shows off real-time combat

Final Fantasy XV gameplay trailer shows off real-time combat

Square Enix has put on a fine display of attractive violence in a combat-oriented gameplay trailer Final Fantasy XV, The Video Game Formerly Known As Final Fantasy XIII Versus. How does action-tastic real-time combat look in a core FF game? Well, it's pretty at the very least.

Watch: Large and unpleasant monsters get hit »

"yah this looks badass!! I'm interested how the battle system works... looks crazy hectic! "
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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 too

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 too

The many fine improvements of the Wii U's Director's Cut edition of Deus Ex: Human Revolution shall come to other platforms after all, Square Enix announced today, reversing its earlier decision. The reworked edition, which includes revamped boss battles and developer commentary, will launch for PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 as well as Wii U "later this year."

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"Why do you think Deus Ex's ending was better? It was also just kind of a sudden CG cinematic and ..."
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Pac-Man Championship Edition DX getting Plus update with DLC

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX getting Plus update with DLC

Bonkers eat 'em up Pac-Man Championship Edition DX was a wonderful surprise, and so is today's announcement of Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+. Oh, no, it's not a sequel: it's a new patch, released three years after launch to improve the leaderboards and add support for DLC. Can't say I was expecting this announcement at E3.

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"I hope the add multiplayer like in that cocktail version. I can only imagine that'll be the ..."
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