How Quantum Break mixes TV and games for a new experience

Remedy wants their next title, Quantum Break to represent the next step of interactive entertainment. But what is that, you ask? Well, it's TV, of course. Quantum Break, is more than just a game. It's an interactive experience that ties into a companion TV show. "This time around, we are going a lot further with Quantum Break," explained creative director Sam Lake to the audience. "It's much more than a triple-A game. There is a top-of-the-line action TV show that ships with the game. Both the game and the show are meant to be consumed together. Episodes of the show interweave with episodes of the game. For us, this really is a dream come true. Looking at our past games, it's a logical leap forward." To demonstrate the synergy between the two media forms, Lake showed off a snippet of the live action Quantum Break show. Co-protagonist Beth Wilder stepped into a diner and met up with another main character, Jack Joyce. They discussed the contents of an envelope, containing information about a defunct paint factory whose rights were picked up by a rogue organization. This scene would come up again in a later in-game scenario. A fully in-engine cutscene saw a character named Sophia taking a call, just as a helicopter was about to crash through her high-rise window. Time quirked out and the scene was completely frozen, setting the scene for Jack to enter and reveal some of his time-based powers. The most interesting one on display was his ability to pull people out of a time break by grabbing and holding onto them.

TV show moments help influence your in-game story

Though player choice will play a part in Quantum Break, Lake dismisses the notion of the game as a mere "Choose Your Own Adventure" style of storytelling. Remedy is set to tell one story, likening player choices to creating a "director's cut." Story paths will diverge through narrative points of interest called "junction moments," with consequences that will carry forward through the rest of the game. "Your junction choices in the game are a big part of affecting how your custom experience in the game shapes up and how your director's cut of the show turns out," added Lake. "They are all big memorable moments with big consequences in both the game and the show." Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the junction points is that these sequences will be played out as the game's villain, Paul Serene. Because of his enhanced time powers, Serene is capable of seeing different future possibilities. It's up to the player to determine which path to take. However, Remedy remained quiet in regards to specific gameplay mechanics, noting that they would address them in detail at a later date. Quantum Break is launching exclusively on Xbox One in 2014. Makes sense, given the platform's incredible love of TV, TV, and TV. BOOM video 15471