Player choice still matters in InFamous: Second Son

Sucker Punch brought InFamous: Second Son to E3, showing off the dazzling new powers players can try in the upcoming PS4 action game.

In addition to highlighting new hero Delsin Rowe's new abilities, game director Nathan Fox discussed how player choice would remain a pivotal aspect of the series.

The demo took place near Seattle's famous Space Needle and focused on Delsin fighting off a large group of the Department of Unified Protection. More of the fire-based powers revealed in last month's Game Informer were on display, with Delsin using his smoke abilities to launch himself towards high areas. The demo culminated with Delsin unleashing a special attack, in which he launched himself into the air and rocketed down to earth, creating a giant crater and clearing out all surrounding foes.

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Although not specifically demoed at E3, Second Son promises to feature the consequential decision-making that has been a major staple of the series. Jaime Griesemer, one of the game designers on Second Son, told us that consequences would remain a central focus for Second Son. "Consequences are very important," Griesemer told Shacknews. "Your choices need to play out. That's one of the reasons we went with the 'Good' ending [of InFamous 2]. You'll see Delsin's actions affect not only the story, but also the characters in the game and the people he interacts with."

Griesemer wasn't able to offer specific examples, as they would spoil parts of Second Son's story. However, he did note that the dynamic between Delsin and his police officer brother, Reggie, would play out through the narrative. Many of the decisions players are asked to make will influence their relationship, as seen in the game's debut trailer, where Reggie tries to arrest Delsin.

Second Son will be available in 2014 on PS4.