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Civilization Revolution Contest Results

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style="border: medium none ;"> Last week, we asked you to create a unit for Firaxis' latest strategy effort, Civilization Revolution (PS3, 360, DS), for the chance to win one of the 15 snazzy posters provided by publisher 2K Games, including one that was personally signed by series creator Sid Meier. Read more »

"If you click the image, there's a view full image link, with a 2400xsomething res version of the ..."
- geedeck    See all 8 comments

Civ Rev Contest: Civilizations Across Gaming

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style="border: medium none ;">So Firaxis' Civilization Revolution does a pretty good job of bringing the series' core gameplay to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS. And the propaganda for it isn't half bad either, with posters like this and this. That's why the Shack has gotten together with publisher 2K Games, and together, we intend to answer the proletariat's demands for propaganda materials. Read more »

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Left 4 Dead Contest: Clothe the Shack Zombie Horde!

Zombies: Love or hate them, they're an inseparable part of pop culture, and an inevitable part of many apocalii. One way this phenomenon is manifesting itself is Valve's co-op shooter Left 4 Dead, coming in November for PC and Xbox 360.

Valve has gifted Shacknews with an onslaught of Left 4 Dead shirts. We would love to get these to Shackers, but we need an efficient, fair method of distribution. For that, we are asking you to record your best zombie moan, and post it here. Read more »

"I won one of the shirts and I still haven't received it. Any news on that?"
- ar5is    See all 87 comments

Contest: Win Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Guitars

style="border: medium none ;">If the words "Walk This Way," "Livin' on the Edge" or "Sweet Emotion" mean anything to you, you're probably familiar with veteran rock band Aerosmith. With the arrival of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, so Activision and Shacknews thought we could do a bit of a contest for those seriously dedicated to rocking out. We went through the contest a few days ago, but thought it might be nice to give people a second chance at the things so a few more people could take a shot at the prize. Up for grabs we have two copies of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, with guitar and game; one for Xbox 360 and one for PS3. Read more »

"You know that's the exact same cage my friends use for their peegs. Must be the style now."
- spazzium    See all 42 comments

Contest: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Air Band

style="border: medium none ;">When asking what band players would like to see in Guitar Hero, Aerosmith was one of choices to top the list.

Thanks to Activision, fans will have this desire answered and then some with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith coming out soon for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PS2. To celebrate the release, Activision and Shacknews are teaming up for a bit of a contest. We could just have you submit your email address, but that seems simple and, well, lame. I mean, we have a copy of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith for Xbox 360 and PS3 each, so something more seems in order. Read more »

"Those slippers are usually just a blur of motion: both Jake & John are energetic lil' peanuts. ..."
- Bold    See all 10 comments

Contest Wrapup: Command & Conquer 3 Sweepstakes

style="border: medium none ;">Being an evil mastermind is a rather demanding job, and one that doesn't really allow the time for proper exploration of career alternatives. Given that, it's easy to understand why Command & Conquer's Kane is continually plotting, scheming, masterminding and worse: he really has no choice. EA understands this, and obliged the man another run at worldwide domination in Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath, now out on Xbox 360. Read more »

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Contest: Command & Conquer 3 Sweepstakes

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With Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath making its way to Xbox 360 next week, we thought it might be nice to give a bit of attention to the man of the hour himself.

We're going to see if you're really a Kaniac, and find those worthy enough get a few prizes thanks to the folks over at EA. Answer a few questions about your favorite intimidating bald guy since Kojak and a winner may be you. Read more »

"1. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2. CABAL 3. GDI Commander Michael "Mack" McNeil 4. Kane is ..."
- likwan    See all 28 comments

Contest Wrapup: Gaming Highlights

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Play video games long enough, and you're sure to pick up momentos of your in-game travels as time goes on, often in the form of screenshots. Well, we asked Shackers to give their best and favorite moments in gaming recently, then let every vote for their favorites.

There were some really great submissions, and some of our favorites would be this evening landscape in TES:Oblivion, a background shot from Homeworld 2, Team Fortress 2 camping, and those commemorating various ShackBattles Read more »

"My favorite moment recently was getting over 2000 rating in 3v3 arena in WoW and leaving the ..."
- ease one    See all 6 comments

Contest: Write Our R-Type Command Review Wrapup

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Sure you know that human battle fleets have engaged the deadly Bydo Empire in the latest R-Type Command for PSP, but why take our word for it? So together with Atlus, we called upon Shackers to ghost write reviews of the demo, but given the new territory we decided maybe an outside perspective from another video game would be the ideal. And hey, let's award some prizes for it too, shall we?

"Yay!! I won, I won - No, Ralph, this means you failed English. Me fail English, that's ..."
- wytefang    See all 6 comments

Sam & Max Season 2 Jokecrafting Contest Wrap-up

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The second season of Telltale's downloadable adventure series Sam & Max recently concluded (There's a demo for Episode 5 up on FileShack), so we asked Shackers to come up with the best joke after we provided you with an image as the setup. You guys went hammer and tongs at making jokes and here's the full results from this contest. The big question is though, were who were our favorite three?

Read more »

"I take it you figured out which game that's a walkthrough for, then..."
- RomSteady    See all 7 comments

Reminder: Fallen Empire Contest Voting Ends Today

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GarageGames has asked us to remind everyone that voting for the second wave of the Shacknews Fallen Empire: Legions Photoshop contest ends today.

As with the first wave, five winners will receive access to the closed beta for the Tribes spiritual sequel. The beta is currently underway for select InstantAction users, and is expanding every week. Read more »

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Sam & Max Season 2 Jokecrafting Contest

Related Topics – Telltale Games, Contests, Sam & Max

Telltale Games is verging upon the exciting climax of Sam & Max Season 2, the episodic adventure game for PC. Humor is pretty much the hallmark of the series, all the way back to it's comic book roots. Well, humor and a tenuously sane hyperkinetic rabbit...thing. So for the latest contest here at Shacknews, we would like to ask you to create a little bit of that magic yourself with some help from us. That is the humor of course, not so much of the rabbit thing.

Read more »

"monkey island refrences, though im not that funny i have to say i think its fantastic anyways ..."
- the_beatles    See all 61 comments

Contest: Fallen Empire Photoshop for Beta Wrapup

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When a single game is played compulsively to perhaps unhealthy quantities, your brain can be so monomaniacally focused on that one thing as to where glimpses of it infiltrate real life. We asked you to take these images--provided by the fine folks at GarageGames--and insert them into the day's current events. At stake are five entries for the Fallen Empire: Legions private beta, which should still have a few weeks to go before being open to the public.

You can find the full gallery of entries here, so without further ado here are our choices for the first group of winners. Read more »

"lol, i clicked on the bush one and didn't notice the arrows going to the left and didn't see ..."
- buzzbat    See all 18 comments

Contest: Fallen Empire Photoshop for Beta Contest (Updated)

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Update: Since the responses to this have been so great, we've decided to extend the contest a day until 11:59PM PST on Wednesday, and add a little something to it. Not only will the Shackstaff pick their favorite five, but all the results will be posted to the InstantAction web site for additional public voting. The top five of those who haven't already won beta access will also receive keys. Those who win beta access are guaranteed at least two weeks of exclusive play before public access opens up. Read more »

"Okay, got it. I had the first one from my earlier sweep and added the 2nd"
- geedeck    See all 152 comments

Contest: Command & Conquer 3 Villainous Aptitude Wrapup

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In the world of Command & Conquer, Kane is a busy man. How does a person like him keep up with all the administrative tasks while trying to take over the world? Well, he could get an evil secretary, but we thought it would be much more fun if Shackers would step forward with their best evil plans instead. Some opted for a simple scheme, some complex. The winners are as follows:

Read more »

"Wow, I actually won! I guess I was just so inspired by Kane. That man just stirs up so many ..."
- fatlazyhomer    See all 12 comments

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