Sam & Max Season 2 Jokecrafting Contest Wrap-up

nopeThe second season of Telltale's downloadable adventure series Sam & Max recently concluded (There's a demo for Episode 5 up on FileShack), so we asked Shackers to come up with the best joke after we provided you with an image as the setup. You guys went hammer and tongs at making jokes and here's the full results from this contest. The big question is though, were who were our favorite three?


There were lots of great entries, and arguments can be made for many but in the end, here our the ShackStaff's top picks.

  • Shacker 60days uses them all for dialogue
  • And ryuuseki is at least pragmatic about the situation
  • I'm vaguely concerned for how much came from Romsteady's memory

So there's our picks, and to each of them Telltale Games will be giving a copy of Sam & Max Season 2, featuring all five humor and/or action packed episodes. We'll be contacting those Shackers for how to collect their prizes.

A big thanks goes out to both Telltale Games, and all the Shackers who submitted some great jokes. I've already got some plans brewing for future contests, so don't forget to keep tuned in.