Civ Rev Contest: Civilizations Across Gaming

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Sep 10, 2008 3:10pm PDT So Firaxis' Civilization Revolution does a pretty good job of bringing the series' core gameplay to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS. And the propaganda for it isn't half bad either, with posters like this and this. That's why the Shack has gotten together with publisher 2K Games, and together, we intend to answer the proletariat's demands for propaganda materials.

So sure, we've got five of the large Napoleon posters. And sure, we've got ten of the Lincoln posters, one even signed by the man himself, Sid Meier. But how do we move them from Shacknews to you? With a contest of course!

All we want you to do is to pick a unit or person from any video game and just write up a little something for it. Tell us who or what it is, where it's from, and maybe provide a bit of flavor text and an image. I'll post a template and some examples in the comments below to get everyone off on good footing.

Everyone who submits an entry will have a chance to win, but we'll select the best executed of the bunch to receive the signed poster. You have until this Friday (9/12) at 11:59 PM CST to submit entries. Good luck.

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  • Unit name: President Michael Wilson
    Civilization/Organization of Origin: United States (Modern Era with Democracy Government only; spawns during transition to Civil Disorder for any reason)

    Offense: Missile Punch (Suck On It™), Flame Of Justice (Always Victorious In The End™); thousands of independently intelligent micro-missiles with HEAT armor-piercing warheads
    (How Do You Like Them Now™); the ability to lift and throw any unit in the game as a weapon, including Forts and Cities.
    Defense: Ablative armor woven from red, white and blue threads into Justice, a material immune to everything but an enemy Spy.
    Movement: Jetpacks - 5 movement, not limited by terrain.
    Special Ability: Liberation - At the end of each turn, every city and improvement surrounding Wilson's tile is thoroughly destroyed as Michael frees them from tyranny and oppression.

    Link to picture:
    Description: Once the respected and handsome president of a great democracy, his world was turned upside down when the villainous Vice President, Richard Hawk, took to his own robot armor and usurped the government, painting Wilson as a terrorist. In response, Wilson donned his own armor and proceeded to liberate the entire nation, leaving most of it a smoking crater of freedom. After Wilson's term was up he laid low, waiting for Democracy to fall under siege again... do not threaten democracy, or you may risk his assistance once again.

  • Unit Name: Settler (Civilization I Version)

    Civilization of Origin: Roman, Babylonian, German, Egyptian, American, Greek, Indian, Russian, Zulu, French, Aztec, Chinese, English, Mongol. Also known as "The Original Fourteen".

    Offense: 0
    Defense: 1
    Movement: 1

    Special Ability: Settlers were able to make a number of agricultural and industrial improvements for your civilization, acting as engineers. You would place the Settler in the square where the work is to be done and press the a hotkey. They could even heal land that contained pollution!

    Link to picture:

    Description: Settlers were used to found cities and is the first unit you see upon starting a new game (occasionally you would get two). You founded a city by pressing the B key on your 100% IBM compatible personal computer keyboard. Pressing B on an existing city with a settler would yield a population of one to that city, although this option was not available on a city with a population of 10 or more. Extremely cheap costing only 40 production hammers and requiring no prerequisites.

  • Unit name: Crono
    Civilization/Organization of Origin: Japan, Square development studios

    Offense: Opens a time portal to kill nearby targeted unit's mother, effectively preventing the birth of the unit.
    Defense: If brought to near death, Crono will open a time portal to a random future year. He will reappear after enough game turns have been taken to bring the players to that particular year.
    Movement: Lightning fast.
    Special Ability: Can travel through time to kill any previously used Great Person, removing whatever effects he or she may have influenced.

    Link to picture:
    Description: Because Crono is as powerful as he is with his blade, there can be only one of him in existence at any given point in time (or space). He is available only to the player who creates the Square Wonder. Unfortunately, time travel is not a perfect science and Crono can get stuck in another time period after using a time portal. However, given time, Square can rescue him from whatever past he may be lost in.

  • Oh, man. Those Lincoln posters are so awesome.

    Unit name: Manuel "Manny" Calavera
    Civilization/Organization of Origin: Department of Death, El Marrow, Land of the Dead

    Offense: bony fists and a fairly useless scythe (low)
    Defense: remarkable luck and determination (high)
    Movement: casual stroll / brisk run (average)
    Special Ability: the inexplicable ability to take over any business (or ship) and make it hugely successful over the course of a year

    Link to picture:
    Description: Manny's got charm and he's not afraid to use it.

    BONUS: I don't think he has ever starred in a video game (I do know that the Lincoln Memorial has seen use as a combat robot a few times, though), but here's a Presidential stat block.

    Unit name: President Abraham Lincoln
    Civilization/Organization of Origin: United States of America

    Offense: Mighty fists ("Bring it, boy. I'm going to emancipate your teeth.")
    Defense: A body as thin (and tough) as a rail.
    Movement: He leaves a trail of freedom in his footsteps
    Special Ability: Speechwriting (also, has two faces)

    Link to picture:
    Description: Nothing needs to be said.

  • Unit name: Shacknews Commenter
    Civilization/Organization of Origin: Parental Units Basement/Disappointed Family

    Offense: Aggressive Diatribes towards unreleased games, ability to repel women at all costs, throwing sprite, and powerful stench.
    Defense: Fallacies, 300 dollar jeans, and Special Edition Video Game XXL T-Shirt
    Movement: 0 - Unable to Move/Fixed To Basement Chair
    Special Ability: Obsessive use of firearms and Chicken Hoarding

    Link to picture: Shackers in the wild. Note their extreme disinterest in the opposite sex (except one...must be a outsider).
    Description: Seemingly like a normal human unit but those who are known as the Shacknews Commenter's share several traits that distinguish them from a typical human. Much more prone to issues with women (Although some are purportedly of the male sex, it is difficult to confirm such claims) and can become extremely dangerous to be around when politics are involved. Every year many of these so called "shackers" congregate in Texas for ritualistic bonding and ceremonies. While once presumed to be of mating purposes, it has since been proven that only "self love" occurs at these meetings.

  • Unit name: Freedom Craft, Mk. 2
    Civilization/Organization of Origin: Manifest through the strength of its pure will through the primoridal ooze of Democracy.

    Offense: Brunt melee force, +5 damage.
    Defense: A thick, unbreakable shell that is invulnerable to any worldly material.
    Movement: Full movement across any two-dimensional plane; the Freedom Craft knows no limits to its range.
    Special Ability: Emits a painful, piercing shriek when it comes in contact with an immobile object.

    Link to picture: (Seen in between the middle divider and the mobile unmovable object on the right).
    Description: The Freedom Craft, Mk. 2 was invented in 1972 as a means of waging constant war with Freedom and Slavery in an epic battle the likes of which the world had never seen before. It has yet to win that battle, constantly being thrown back and forth between its world's two mortal enemies.

  • Unit name: Contra Grunt
    Civilization/Organization of Origin: Red Falcon

    Offense: 1
    Defense: 1
    Movement: 3
    Special Ability: Can jump to avoid being shot. If unit runs off a cliff, unit will re-appear at the top of the screen unharmed.

    Link to picture:
    Description: The proudest moment of my youth was when I got the backpack and red coat of a Private in the Red Falcon Army. Sure, the weapon we were provided with was a tiny pistol that shot a slow-moving ball, easily avoided. We were all assured, however, that any infiltrators of the Island would suffer instant death as a result of being hit by this projectile. My recruiting class was drilled in the standard tactics of the Red Falcon Infantry: run from left to right , jump to avoid any bullets, and if necessary, walk off cliffs to distract any invaders.